Our popcorn

FOL was born from the ambition of a group of young friends from Turin to create something innovative, both in the product and in the delivery model: we are a company with an international character, but with a strong Italian imprint, in short, something “crazy”, hence the name FOL, in homage to the Piedmontese dialect, where it is often given to challengers and fore-runners

The FOL Popcorn project comes to life in 2015.


Air popped

Our popcorn is air popped using a simple but effective process, without the use of oils and fats.



We use 100% non-genetically modified corn, selected among the various European producers to guarantee our unique round shape.


Hand Coated

Our gourmet pops are coated by hand, using our special molasses, creating a real pastry product.


Made in ITALY

Our product is made for Europe in Turin, in our FOL Lab by our team led by Pop Chef Simone.

The idea of ​​FOL draws inspiration from the American tradition on popcorn and reinvent it through Italian lenses, using the best local ingredients those that have made the city of Turin famous in the world, such as chocolate, coffee and cheese.
FOL wants to revolutionize the concept of popcorn, no longer just snacks to eat at the cinema, but a product suitable for the most varied occasions: from snack time to dinner treat.

A flavory snack for everyone,  FOL Gourmet Popcorn enjoys company! We strongly recommend to enjoy it with friends and in moments of community.

Characterized by an innovative product and proposed in a format with an original and sophisticated design, FOL has quickly conquered Italian and foreign audiences.

Be foolish be hungry… indeed 🙂