FOL starts in Turin, Italy’s capital of slow-food and strong flavors, city of chocolate artists, of cheese makers and world famous coffee roasters… a city severe only in appearance but birthplace of great inspirers. FOL is influenced by the great Piedmontese tradition in food and a strong tradition in handcrafting of our artisans.

Come and visit us and discover the story of passion, friendship and our own FOL craze in our stores around the world.


One evening with friends, due to fun times and wine,
I had an odd idea:
get corn seeds and pop them my way.
It seemed like a crazy idea, maybe even a little bit foolish,
to cook popcorn, an American thing, Italian style!

But with the right ingredients, both healthy and natural,
a touch of fantasy and nothing else -I swear- the magic started!
FOL popcorn has many flavor
s, round corn coated in many ways,
you’ll eat FOL popcorn while drinking, laughing and joking with  friends.

You are welcome in our stores,
 friends and curious people alike,
at FOL the popcorn speaks Italian.

Come together and try
open your mind, put together your dreams, call your friends and make plans.

Somebody will laugh and say 
“this can’t be done” or that you
have lost your mind!

But don’t listen to these people,
put your reasoning to bed and send everyone away….
please make room…
to let the foolishness in!

Be cool….
that’s FOL