FOL creates daily its handcrafted products! Here you can find the products for this week!

Savory Gourmet popcorn

If you love savory popcorn, you can dive in our Bacon or taste the special flavor of our BBQ. As a cheese lover you can’t miss our cheese popcorn , or our Hot Cheese the spicy ones.
Our very Italian Margherita pizza flavored popcorn are very tasty for pizza fanatics and Mr. Potato with flavored potato or our special FOL banana, Truffle, or Salty Caramel.

Sweet Gourmet Popcorn

We start with our CappuccinoPistacchio, Cocco, and offer our world’s favorite caramel FOL and rainbow popcorn .

Chocolate popcorn

A core specialty that we developed overtime -also due to our history in Turin- are our chocolate handcoated popcorn. We have several specialties mating chocolate, caramel and other flavors! After 8 with mint and chocolate, Choconut with coconut and chocolate and Eporediese, orange flavored in honor of the famous Ivrea Carnival orange battle.
We love playing with white and dark chocolate: for the white chocolate lovers,  Bianca Follia where we play with pretzels and our mix of the dark and white chocolate in FOL Mix,.
FOLBerry is where we mix chocolate and strawberry, O-Rey where we mix chocolate popcorn with the world famous Oreo cookies and for the chocolate purist, one  of our best sellers,  Dark Passion , our dark chocolate coated popcorn legend!

Discover how we make our famous gourmet popcorn!